Monday, February 6, 2017

Catchup Post: New Years Resolution

So I've been flat out last few weeks and only now on a lonely night at home have I managed to come write on my blog. Lets start off with new years resolution...funny enough we had chinese new year last week so if I think about it its not too late to mention it. Ok I have 3 resolutions this year and they are: 1. Buy a property (investment) 2. Further my career development eg. Getting into hospital at the end of 2016 was great but now I really want to do well and hopefully go up to AHP3 (A Team Leader/ Specialised Pharmacist) 3. Find a life partner (Really this one is the one I have the least control over and sometimes really leave it to fate but I will make effort to go out and exposed myself) So those are the 3 resolutions I have. Past few weeks I've been so busy, I normally would message my friends on a regular basis but haven't. Then I got a message from one of them asking if everything was ok? I replied been swamped with work and alot of reading on property investment. I've finally got a pre-approval done and its a matter of going out there to find that one house. Its a big deal being my first property investment but I know this is the year I get into the market. I know I will get better and learn alot along the way, hopefully I can get the property aspect sorted and that would tick off one of my resolutions. Then I can fully concentrate on the remaining resolutions because right now I'm like not getting far at all. I just started a business with a friend recently so have to spend abit of time on that too. Its going to be interesting to see how I balance work, this business and also studying on top. All i know is that I have to spend abit of time on each but remember not to lose sight on relationships too. Relationships: What is wrong with some girls? So been chatting to afew girls and we decided to hangout/meet up, afew hours before we meet I get a message saying something along the lines that they are excited about the date. As far as I know, if I dont say its a date then its not a date. Anyways I know very clear in my mind that I won't settle for someone I dont see as a potential life partner. Its better to be single and continue my search. Shes out there somewhere and I'm going to find her. This year is mean't to be very lucky for the dragon so hopefully everything goes well. Hard work and with little bit of luck, pieces will start to fall together. Not sure when my next post will be because I will be starting in hospital next week, after one and a half month of getting all my paper work ready, finally I can start. Next post will be how I am going with the new environment.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

1/1/17 New chapter

During December has always been a busy time for me...maybe its for everyone being christmas/ new year! Oh my birthday was on too....turned 28! Feeling sooo old....Lets start off with that! So on Boxing Day I turned 28! My bud msg me and he was the first to say happy birthday to me...we talked till 3 in the morning and I was so happy to have the chat. When midnight hit I was like officially I am a year older. I've always told myself its just another day, life goes on and it doesn't need to be any different. This year at 28 was very different to every other year....Don't know why but I felt was something that couldn't be explained. My mate said "If u wanted to cry and let it out you can" and I said to him I can't remember the last time I cried and its not in my nature, no matter how tough the times get or how sad I become I never want to shed any tears as its not a sign of weakness but I don't want others around me to be sad/worry. That day I did something different, instead of going to the boxing day sales like I've been doing for the past 5 years...I decided to avoid the crazy-ness mob and go to the gym instead. Surprisingly there was still alot of ppl there and I just worked out. I didnt feel bad for skipping the sales and was glad I went to the gym instead. At night, went to dinner with my family. I guess a simplistic kinda guy and really cherish those moments when I'm with my Mum, Dad and Brother. After my birthday I worked till new years Eve! on new years eve I went out drinking and clubbing. Really really not my scene, I'm sooo done with that! I hope new years eve in 2017, I will be with a nice girl and we can watch fireworks together. HAHAHA...I can dream for now. I didn't drink as much so no hnagover which great because I am not a fan of drinking...well I'm more of a not a fan of wasting my day sleeping in past 12. I feel like Ive lost a day and I could have done something productive. Woke up decently early, felt good, went and had lunch with my brother and then went to play tennis with one of my mates. Started new year in a great way! And tomr I'm flying away for a quick break! So excited and can't wait! My Next post will be about my Resolutions for 2017!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


... I feel like so much has happened and want to write it all out! Where do I begin? So past few years I've had ups and downs. Made and lost friends....experience things I never thought I would have and learnt alot from everything good and bad. Been working and switching many jobs...the longest I've stayed was a year and 8 months. Its true what they say, work is alot more enjoyable when the staff/team is great. I guess I left that job to search for a challenge and better myself. I traveled alot for work and I guess it wasn't the long drive but the missing family & friends that made me come back to the city. Honestly I can work in country/rural towns, theres always going to be nice and mean people wherever I go, its just a matter of being myself....happy, bubbly and others will vibe off that. So more on my work....travelling to different towns was nice, it gave me abit of a breathe from city life. Its very peaceful and most places are shut by 6pm. I try to be busy but joining sports clubs and attend social fund raising events. Everyone are welcoming and I always get asked to stay but that wasn't what I wanted. I guess I knew when taking on the job, I wanted to experience, the challenge and wasn't a long term thing. Why it wasn't long term? I guess at the age of late 20's, all my friends seemed very settled with getting married and having a mortgage etc. I guess it would have been hard if I was to be in the country....theres less people to meet and guess it wouldn't have suited me. Rewinding back....before I worked in the country towns, I was dating...we broke up while I was away. I guess after afew months into the relationship I felt that we weren't the right fit for eachother...I am starting to see a trend, its always me who wanted to breakup because I see a flaw/deal breaker....Should I change? Or what do I need to do different? Or is it just a matter of me not meeting the right person yet? I guess time will tell....I hope I can meet that person soon as I've been back to the city for a month now and should be more active in going out. Anyways...I say this everytime when I decided to post something, but I will try to post more often and not wait years to come back. ^^

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Its been so long, I can't believe I havent been writing much, I guess I have been busy and lazy all at the same time which, made me neglect blogging, theres so much to write, everything that has happened these last year. I am feeling sleepy but will write soon, in the next few days....

Monday, April 9, 2012

Had to write

Okay! I know I from my previous post I would write regularly but I haven't due to been pretty stressed with work and I had a week in Sydney.

Lets start with Sydney, it was a big city well...anything is big compared to Adelaide. The first few days sucked while we were in sydney (My cousin came with me). I was always feeling under the weather, it wasn't till the end of the trip that I felt abit better. The food was awesome as expected...though I feel Yumcha in Melbourne was alot better. The highlight was definitely Hurricanes and Hard Rock Cafe. The city is very vibrant and lively, there were always shows and events which is good. It really does seem like my type of city as there are always things to do and places to go. MARCH 22nd - 28th

Ever since i came back from the trip, I've been immersed to my daily routine which is working 6 days a wk. Its ridiculous, because every time I go home I am too tired to do any study. I few days ago I stood up to my pharmacist and told him I really cant work 6 days a wk anymore. It didn't go down well...cutting the story short, i got told to wait for a few more wks until he can find a replacement dispense tech. Honestly WTF because in less than 2 months I have my written exam. I just gotta keep on pushing for my actual day off. But I doubt he gives a shit about me to even let me have my day off.

I am sooo pissed off with work....I now realised moving back to do intern was a mistake. It might have been the dumbest career move up to date. I hate soo many things in life, but always try to look for positives to compensate but at the moment, not to sound emo but I hate my life sooo much due to work and other things going on in my life that I cant find any positives that could cheer me up or compensate for the hole I am in.

Through these past few weeks, I really have come to realised that I miss Brisbane! Life was easy, and if I really wanted I could always fly back down to Adelaide. The more I have contact time with my family, theres seems to be more conflicts. I know that they say u can choose ur friends but you cant choose ur family but theres another saying......just because you dont see each other doesn't mean you are far apart. ----> WHY AM I SOOO PHILOSOPHICAL????

As I am writing this...I realised these next 2-3 wks, are gonna be tough...I need to get my modules done due in 20 days. and...after that I have less than 1 month to prepare for my written exam. Oh fun fun....*sarcasm* ---> not like we didnt already know I was being sarcastic.

My plan....hibernate in my room these next couple of wks, concentrate hard on my assessments and exams. And...avoiding much conversation with the family since really not in the mood due to many reasons.

Ok! I gotta atleast attempt 1 module tonite

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm back

One of my closest friend recently showed me his website.

and this has sparked my blog! I will try and post once a wk atleast from now on.

That is all for now....until next time!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

is it a mistake?

Is it a mistake?

Lately I haven't been myself ever since I got back home! I feel soo weird! Besides my closest friend which she hasn't changed much....besides her hair which she dyed!

Missing brisbane like sooo much! I really like the freedom! Going back home, parents are always nagging me and expect me to just do as they say....Its like I want to have my own down time too. Its like all that matters to them is work + family! I mean I've been working 6 days a wk ever since i got back and when I go out they get upset with me. Its just like errrr....I need sometime to socialise with others. Even though majority of the ADL ppzl are really not my type of crowd....well my old/uni friends anyways. I think I just need to find a new crowd and hopefully they are down to earth.

Today I went to lunch! there a couple that i really dislike...yes its always him! Anyways..they were the last two ppzl I wanna see and yet...I had to bump into them. The girl who is soo whipped by the guy, said hi and then walked off. And the guy just totally walked by like I didnt existed. What a FAG! like he's a puny 2nd yr pharmacy student and she is a full pharmacist! Shes too gd for him but hey...she must have done something super bad in her past life to deserve him. Watever...they are non-existent to me.

oh...on a passing note, I passed everything which was sucha relief! I was 1% off of getting a HD (7)....overall I got straight 6's (3 D's) which was a shock to me. YAY! 4th yr was awesome!

3 more sleeps till i go back up bris for my graduation! I can't wait!!!

Anyways next time!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

ok! time to update....

Its been quite sometime since I last wrote....I know I always do this! But I did mentioned in my last posts that I wont be posting for a while due to exams.

Well let me update on things...I got most of my marks back...I'm waiting for my "Quality Use Of Medicines" written exam marks. I think that before an exam can be stressful but its really the waiting for results which really affects me.

The oral exam was fine but I barely passed it which makes me even more worried about my written exam.

After the exams I just pretty hanged out with all my friends before I flew back home. Back home now....started working full time, 6 days a wk! Not to mention it takes an hr to get to basically, 2hrs on the road each day! Which sucks...I don't miss the uni work and stress of exams but then I dislike working. sigh....its a Monday again tomr!

I recently been thinkin "The scariest thing about distance is that you don't know whether they'll miss you or forget you" This is the feeling I am getting from leaving brisbane....I am sure I will keep in touch with all of them though I am sure feelings of closeness will fade. And...this already has been witnessed when I got back home where my Adelaide friends....I dont even feel like I am close to anyone really. I think I have to try and be proactive and just go meet new ppzl since I feel like sucha loner.

Anyways...2 more days till my results! At midnight on the 30th of Nov I will receive a text to my fone...gosh its scary! I shall know my fate....praying I will pass. I hope I do...

Anyways....gonna sleep! Soo hate waking up early for work but that's life! Work life is sooo boring! I must find a girl friend this year damn it!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Whats on my mind

I was honestly, there are times when don’t want a relationship. but sometimes there are those times when you see a cute couple or something and then you just want to have someone. someone to show off, someone you can call your’s, someone who would be a part of your daily routine, just someone you know will be there for you.

Anyways....I haven't wrote in a while now...after tonight I have 7 days till my first exam! I am sooo worried....have not been sleeping right and I feel like I have done nothing these past couple of days. If I dont pull out some miracle studies and get things in my brain I will seriously fail! I really don't want to fail because theres alot riding on me passing.

1. My parents and brother am expecting me to come back home.
2. My cousin is also leaving bris so I where will i live next yr if i had to stay another year up here?
3. I already have internship sorted out....and I also will be working as soon as I finish my exams so for me to not pass these exams will just kill me.
4. My friends back home who did intern this yr have passed their exams and so now they are registered pharmacists. For me to not pass and be another yr behind them will be very like a dagger through my heart!
5. People back home knows that I will be back so if I cant pass, I wont be able to show my face to anyone. Some may read this and think its all about pride but there's alot more to it than pride. Sure it is a reason but not just that!

I cant really even think of any other time when I have been under this much pressure and depressed...I just want to pass, hopefully I can! I pray I can!

Dont know when I will post next.....maybe when I need a break from all these studies or might be after my exams. Either way I am going to have to get really serious now!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Imperfections adds character....

Why do girls have to go take cosmetic surgery? Their look is the gift from above that was chosen for them! What they lack on the outside beauty they make up for in the inside. Once girls who undergone changes, it seems that the beauty inside of them fades away. Maybe they think that they are now beautiful and need to act differently. Little do they know...they might look beautiful on the outside but their genes don;t change and so their kids (not saying this will happen) but wont be as beautiful as them.

A funny story I grew up with was that some Asian girl went back to Asia (where surgery is dirt cheap)had a total face change. As she was about to leave back home to Australia...her passport picture did not match up to her new face so obviously they couldn't let her leave. She was forced to stay in Asia for nearly 6 months and had to get all these identifications done by her + her family. It was the dumbest story why would u do that? I guess I will never know...because I am happy with how I look. Dont get me wrong...there are things that I would like to change about myself, physically....but I tell myself, this is what was given to me by my parents and a higher power up there, changing it would be disrespecting them. Besides I am a strong believer of inner beauty over outer beauty so for me to resort to those people would never happen.

Over the summer holidays, I saw a friend who I was shocked to see. She used to have this mole on her face. It was very noticeable but when I saw her that day, I couldn't see it anymore. I didn't ask her as we recently became very distant but I found out later that she had it removed. Even though it wasn't major cosmetic is still class the same as the others. I wondered why she did it...was it because she was unhappy with that mole? I mean she did live with it for 22 years of her life....Why now? OR Was it because her boyfriend who has a big influence on the person she has become got her thinking about removing the mole? Either way I was shocked to see her fave without a mole....I went home that night and laid in bed and just kept thinking.....theres nothing wrong with the mole being removed if she feels that it has made her more confident as a person, I just hope she is happy and did it for the right reasons. But then again....she removed a mole which in the eyes of 99% of people, she is more attractive now.

I think I am the weird....lets say unique or special 1% that sees that the mole had added character to her and I Liked it when she had the mole. If I was her boyfriend I would support her on whether she wanted it removed or not....make it her choice but let her know that I would love her no matter with or without the mole! I would not love her any less...Even till this day, if I ever talk to her again I would stand by my thinking and tell her I think she looked better with the mole. Maybe she will not understand why but that's how I see it.

Anyways...I woke up this morning at 9AM....its 9.40 now! I better plan what I need to do today and hopefully get some major studying done! 19 days left!

A out =)